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Birthplace of the Mariachi & Tequila

The land of tequila, mariachi and the charro is also the birthplace of the national folk dance as well as Mexico's most commanding son and the Company's program concluding selection: "El Son de la Negra".

Jalisco's climate is ideal year-round and boasts an impressive landscape. The city of Guadalajara still holds a charming provincial ambience, despite the fact that it has become a megalopolis in recent years.

The female attire is also based on turn-of-the-century fashions as interpreted by common people. Originally one couple at a time danced Jalisco sones. Now modern choreography requires multiple couples with synchronized movement to dance these sones. Because Jalisco's folklore is practically the trademark of Mexico throughout the world, it is no coincidence that Jalisco is generally included in all Mexican folklore representations.

El Jarabe Tapatío - The Mexican Hat Dance

This courting Mexican dance became so popular that at one point it was declared "National Folk dance" of Mexico.

This is due largely to Anna Pavlova, the great Russian Ballerina, who visited Mexico in 1919, fell in love with the culture and the spectacular attire and decided to include the (heretofore) "Mexican Hat Dance" in her permanent repertoire.

The ecstatic Mexican cultural authorities felt that such honor could only mean that the hat dance was indeed the most important dance in Mexico. So it was decreed that it had to be danced on pointe, and wearing the "China Poblana" Outfit.

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